Yamaha YSP1400BL Review

Yamaha YSP1400BL

Yamaha YSP1400BL digital sound projector is an excellent lightweight digital sound projector. This impressive sound projector has built in 30W subwoofers. This sound bar is capable of creating a surrounding atmosphere. This amazing Yamaha sound projector produces exceptionally powerful sounds.

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  • The Usual Yamaha High Quality
  • Sleek Design
  • Durable And Incredible Sounding Sur Soundbar
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Sub woofer Built in


  • NA


Yamaha YSP1400BL comes fully loaded with attractive features. This sound bar has an output power of 30 watts through its two subwoofers. With two analog RCA input, one digital coaxial input and one digital optical input, this sound bar is enough to make you go crazy. Yamaha YSP1400BL achieves actual surround sound, not the virtual one.

The Yamaha YSP1400BL can produce beams of sounds which reflect off the boundary or walls. And thus creates actual surround sounds. You can also adjust the beams over a wide area by taking help of the remote control. This way many people will get the opportunity to shake their bodies with the powerful and expansive sound.

This lightweight Yamaha sound bar has a weight of only 5.5 oz. The height is just 3.75 inch and the width is 38.625″. So this sleek and compatible sound bar is perfect for handling. Yamaha YSP1400BL is a single body sound system with 8 array speakers in the middle of it. It has a built in 76 watt digital amplifier that powers the speakers. This is the key to producing exceptionally powerful sounds with presence.

Yamaha YSP1400BL Digital Sound Projector

Yamaha YSP1400BL digital sound projector has two built in subwoofers attached with the stands having a large 8.5 centimeters drive units. The units are built in such way that these produce clear, rich and deep bass for music as well as movies. The channel configuration of this sound bar is independent so it creates an amazing sound imaging by channeling right and left. This gives a more realistic sound experience while watching movies.

Yamaha YSP1400BL ReviewMost of the users rated the Yamaha YSP1400BL with 5 starts. We feel that the best feature of this sound bar is the ability of creating a superior sound imaging. The impressive sound quality will make you think like there are many more speakers in your room. The Yamaha YSP1400BL worth a check out.

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