Sony NSZGS8 Review


Sony NSZGS8 internet player with Google TV is a state of the art entertainment device. This trendy device enables one to connect their TV to the home network. Besides that, Sony NSZGS8 also offers a wide range of apps and streaming content. It certainly provides the ultimate experience.

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  • A real web experience for your TV
  • Google TV built in with voice search
  • Remote control like no other
  • Browse the web on the big screen
  • More apps, more choices with the Google Play Store


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The Sony NSZGS8 internet player has built in Wi-Fi properties enabling one to connect their TV to their home network. It is also able to stream content in no time. One gets access to various online applications hence you can be able to enjoy online content such as news, games, music, videos and social networking; just to name a few.

On tops of that, the Sony NSZGS8 supports 3D content and photos enabling the viewer to have an enjoyable experience. The Google chrome browser properties make it extremely easy to surf the web. Better still, the flash player properties enable one to enjoy all forms of interactive content.

This Sony internet player has an internal storage space of 8GB that is ample storage space for photos, music and other material. In addition, the prime time application on Sony NSZGS8 allows one to quickly check out content reviews and get suggestions on your preferable movies or shows. One can be able to minimize or move to the side of the screen, the picture in picture box allowing you to surf the web as you watch TV.

Sony NSZGS8 Internet Player with Google TV

Sony NSZGS8 ReviewThe outstanding feature of Sony NSZGS8 is the high audio quality. It comes with a universal Bluetooth remote that is easy to use. The remote has a QWERTY keypad that enables one to input data more easily. The remote works with simple AA batteries. Upon purchase of Sony NSZGS8, you get a year’s warranty on its parts and a 90 days warranty on labor.

We like Sony NSZGS8 as it is very easy to set up. The remote control adds convenience as it is quite easy to use. The search properties on Sony NSZGS8 are awesome. We are able to locate content by simply issuing out a command. We can also save movies on a drive and play them at any point of time.

We would certainly recommend Sony NSZGS8 internet player to anyone as it has given us a remarkable experience so far. It allows watching TV and various shows online. You must get yourself Sony NSZGS8; it is the best thing one could ever have.

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