Polk Audio FXI A6 Review

Polk Audio FXI A6

The Polk Audio FXI A6 is a latest home theater system from Polk audio that comes with a 6 inch Dynamic Balance driver and two one inch Dynamic Balance dome tweeters. The sound effects come from movies and multi-channel music arrangements of the system. All these surround sound systems are well capable of providing rich three-dimensional sound. You can even make it a 7.1 home theater system by simply adding another pair.

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  • dipole/bipole circuitry
  • Klippel motor optimization
  • Dynamic Balance technology
  • Cascade Tapered Crossover
  • Acoustic Resonance Control® (ARC) technology
  • Anti-diffraction grilles
  • Professional-style 5-way binding


  • NA


The Polk Audio FXI A6 surround speakers loaded with plenty of useful features. It comes with Polk’s own patented Dynamic Balance technology that gives you distortion free high quality sound. The Acoustic Resonance Sound (ARC) technology overcomes cabinet resonance to provide clear sound.

Their dipole/bipole circuitry enables you to change the sound field from direct to indirect radiation patterns with a flip of a switch. With this you can put the home theater system anywhere you want in the room. Klippel motor optimization provides you a smooth excursion path at both high and low volume levels.

The systems good looks is the outcome of their computer modeled anti-diffraction grilles. The Cascade Tapered Crossover cancels comb filtering and beaming, a common problem of multi driver speakers.

Polk Audio FXI A6 Surround Speakers

Polk Audio FXI A6 ReviewThe Polk Audio FXI A6’s connectivity options are highly secure because of their 5 way binding posts. Like other Polk speakers, its speakers too are capable to achieve smooth speaker to speaker blending effects since they are all timbre matched within the series.

Many customers have rated the Polk Audio FXI A6 surround speakers very highly. It has got plenty of five stars in its Amazon sales page. One very satisfied customer said that despite being expansive, it provides an excellent sound quality. He also said that he even has a room dedicated to it where he watches movies in high volume but its sound never distorted.

In conclusion, the Polk Audio FXI A6 is an excellent high end speaker system loaded with plenty of useful functions. You can get a speaker system at a lower price but then you will miss many unique features that this Polk Audio FXI A6 surround speakers possess. It is a must have for any movie buff who loves to watch movies at higher volume range.

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