Philips HTD3514/F7 Review

Philips HTD3514/F7

If you are seeking for a highly recommended home theater, then the all new Philips HTD3514/F7 300-Watts 5.1 home theater is one of the best suggestions you can get. It is a special series home theater system which is full of amazing features and beautiful design. Philips accompanies it with great quality delivery and after service which makes it a highly recommended product.

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  • 300W RMS power
  • HDMI for high definition movies
  • Modern design
  • Plays DVD, VCD, CD and USB devices
  • Audio in to enjoy music from iPod/iPhone/MP3 player


  • NA

When it comes to main features, the Philips HTD3514/F7 home theater system comes with a basic menu and a remote. The remote is aluminum covered and has a good layout. Coming to the hardware, it comes with 300W RMS speakers which guarantee fanatically vivid music and sounds. It has a HDMI option for playing high quality videos with 16:9 true aspect ratios.

On top of that, the Philips HTD3514/F7 also comes with audio connectivity feature which enables you to play music from your Ipod or MP3 player. The viewing experience is amazing with 178 degree horizontal and vertical angles. In fact, we feel that the display is quite decent with over 6 million color options.

The Philips HTD3514/F7 home theater also has a digital auto tuner and a cloud T.V service, which enable you to use apps like Facebook and Twitter just by connecting it to your LCD. The other basic features include USB support with CD, DVD and Blue Ray playbacks. It has four HDMI ports for better connectivity and media connecting through wireless connections.

Philips HTD3514/F7 300-Watts 5.1 Home Theater

Philips HTD3514-F7 ReviewFrom our point of view, the thing which amazes us the most is the Philips HTD3514/F7’s media connect feature which allow LCD to show contents of laptop without any physical connections. On the other hand, the cloud T.V service is also quite impressive as it offers easy access to social media without any major issues.

As a conclusion, the Philips HTD3514/F7 home theater system is a recommended home theater system. It definitely worth every single penny and you won’t regret buying it. The amazing features like crystal display and wireless connect backed with Philips after service and good customer support makes Philips HTD3514/F7 one of the best home theaters available in the market.

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