LG Electronics 42LN5200 Review

LG Electronics 42LN5200

LG Electronics 42LN5200 42-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV is one of the popular 42″ full HD LED TV produced by LG. This is one of the televisions that befit to be labeled ‘world class’ thanks to the finest technology applied in its manufacture. It combines the best features in the TV industry.

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  • Double The Detail – Full HD
  • Save More Than Energy
  • Find The Perfert Picture
  • Wise And Not Wasteful


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The LED technology improves on the color detail and brightness. Its HD resolution (1920 X 1080 P) ensures vibrant color display combined with sharp pictures. This TV is also energy star compliant. This means that its energy consumption compared to conventional TV sets is around 30% less. The incorporation of picture wizard function ensures great picture quality by easy adjustments of picture elements including but not limited to back light levels, tint, color and sharpness.

Other features that combine to bring out the class in this 42LN5200 TV include a triple XD engine and a Trumotion refresh rate of 60 Hz. The HDMI (SIMPLINK) connectivity makes it possible for all devices compatible with this TV set to be operated by just one remote control. The speakers (dual) rated 10W each ensures quality sound. Sound modes can be changed to a maximum of five modes; cinema, sport, Standard, game and music.

On top of that, the LG Electronics 42LN5200 include the provision of three AV Mode (Off, game and cinema), MTS support (ensures that different languages operation is possible), clear voice technology and the resolution upscaler. It also has a USB port from which videos or music can be played from.

LG Electronics 42LN5200 42-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TVLG Electronics 42LN5200 Review

We personally think that LG has moved a notch ahead to set a milestone in the TV industry. This is ideally the best TV product based on the positive reviews from clients. The TV combines so many applications into one ensuring convenience and ease of operation. Every feature in this TV is either superior or advanced compared to other TV sets.

Most consumers prefer electronics devices that consume less energy without undermining efficiency of the product. The smart features of the LG Electronics 42LN5200 that enables it to consume less energy combined with the fact that this TV is energy star compliant, makes it the ideal TV for every family. If you looking for a TV that produces clear, sharp, quality pictures yet less energy consumption, The LG 42LN5200 is the right choice.

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