Bose SoundTouch Portable Wi-Fi Music System Review

Bose SoundTouch Portable Wi-Fi Music System

Today the whole world is streaming music. Millions of songs are played every day either on television or on internet or through the thousands of radio stations. Now you can play all that content with the help of Bose SoundTouch portable Wi-Fi music system.

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  • OLED display
  • Infrared remote
  • Aux input
  • USB Port
  • Highly compact & portable


  • NA


The Bose SoundTouch portable system offers you six customized presents which can be changed to your favorite channels, including Pandora. It also gives you a clear, full range of sounds which you generally do not get in any of the speakers of this size.

Besides that, you can have a wide range of sound track so that you can enjoy your favorite. The size of this Bose music system is so portable that it makes it a handy device and therefore it is easy to take this system to different rooms of your house.

This Bose Sound Touch system can also be controlled using the free sound touch app which you can install on your smart phones or tablets. It also has an OLED (organic light emitting diode) display which gives you source, song and station information on it. So you do not need to check your smartphones every time to get the information of these things. The music system also has an infrared remote by which you can choose presents and volumes and various functions like play, pause, stop, skip, etc.

The other features that this Bose music system gives you is an aux input which increase the versatility of the system as it provides audio connections from other source. It also provides a USB port for the connection to computer by which you can enable guided product setup with the free sound touch app.

Bose SoundTouch Portable Wi-Fi Music System

Today the Bose SoundTouch portable Wi-Fi music system is the best among its competitor. The major difference it has with the other brand product is that it does not require a special bridge like other system needs to work with the existing Wi-Fi. The product has also got a good review from the market around the world. According to the users of this product, the ability of this device to connect wireless from multiple other devices is very convenient. People liked its battery backup also as it allows them to play without making them worry about finding a plug.

The Bose sound touch portable Wi-Fi music system is one of the best from all the product of this range at this affordable price. Today it’s the best product you can get if you love music very much. This Bose music system really a worth a try. Undoubtedly Bose has once again shown its position why they are one of the best companies among its market competitor through this product.

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